Window Tinting Services – Fresno / Clovis

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Serving the Central Valley for over 12 years

The Central Valley sun is damages our skin, fades our belongings, and drives our energy bills through the roof. The window tinting experts at Tint Pros are here to help Valley residents find relief from the scorching sun in their homes, offices, and vehicles by providing superior custom tint installations. The window tinting technicians at Tint Pros are known for their flawless installations and fast turnaround time. They use only the highest high quality window tint film from industry leading manufacturers 3M and Suntek. Window tinting can be done on location such as at your home or workplace or at one of the two Tint Pros locations in Fresno. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.

Automotive Window Tinting

Harsh UV rays can do major damage to your automobile’s interior. Sun can quickly fade fabric, crack vinyl dashes and destroy delicate suede upholstery. The expert window tinting technicians at Tint Pros can protect your car’s interior by installing custom cut Suntek or 3M tint film which blocks 99% of damaging UV rays. The experts at Tint Pros use only the best installation techniques like one piece back window tint and no-gap application for side windows. Tinting your vehicles windows will also provide increased privacy and can reduce your car’s cabin temperature by up to 10% making your commute more comfortable for you and your passengers.

Residential Window Tinting

Don’t let high temperatures and blazing sun ruin the comfort of your home. Tinting your home’s windows will reduce the amount of sunlight that penetrates the glass which protects your furniture and other belongings from fading. It will also significantly lower the temperature of your home which will save you money on your monthly energy bill. Tinting your home’s windows will also increases the safety of your home by creating privacy and reinforcing the strength of the glass making it more difficult for intruders to break. The Tint Pros window tinting technicians can install professional quality window tint film on any of your home’s windows. Each window is carefully fitted with a custom cut durable window tint film designed to eliminate 99% of UV rays and last for years to come. The tint will not peel, bubble, change color or delaminate and comes backed by a lifetime warranty.

Commercial Window Tinting

Strong sunlight can fade fine furnishings and cause damage to expensive office equipment. Installing window tint on your commercial property will protect your investments from sun-damage, reduce your monthly energy bill and create a more comfortable environment for your employees and customers. Tinting your windows can increase productivity by protecting you and your employees from fatigue inducing computer screen glare. Window tinting also provides an additional safety measure for your work space by reducing visibility from the outside and making the glass more shatter resistant.